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Professional paver contractors need to keep up with the times and be in the position to take advantage of potential markets that may offer opportunities to grow and prosper. If one aspect of the market is down, others may be doing well. Permeable pavements are increasingly becoming an important aspect of sustainable design.

As the first to offer permeable interlocking concrete pavers in North America, UNI-GROUP U.S.A. recognized the potential several years prior to the rest of the industry. We offer a number of permeable shapes under our Eco-Stone® family of pavers, as well as traditional pavers and specialized shapes for heavy-duty pavement.

We offer extensive design, technical, and installation information, specifications, manuals, cross-sections and more. Our manufacturers also offer support, educational opportunities, and marketing expertise.

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Mechanical Installation
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Permeable interlocking concrete pavements are fast becoming the way to pave. Contact your local UNI Manufacturer to learn more.