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Mechanized InstallationUNI-GROUP U.S.A. offers extensive design and installation information for both traditional and permeable interlocking concrete pavements (PICPs), including design manuals, specifications, case studies and design software. This information is geared to design professionals and contractors. For information geared towards the homeowner and do-it-yourself projects, please contact the local UNI® manufacturer in your area through the Find a Manufacturer link.

For your convenience we've included quick links in the menu to the left for the most common areas of interest pertaining to design and construction. Permeable interlocking concrete paver design and construction differs from that of traditional pavers, so the information is often presented in two formats for your convenience.

Proper design and installation is very important to ensure a quality interlocking concrete pavement that will perform as intended, whether the project is a heavy-duty industrial shipyard or a pedestrian pathway. Traffic loading is a critical element in the design of interlocking pavements, and UNI
® pavers feature interlocking shapes that enhance structural strength and stability. Interlocking concrete pavements are exceptionally durable despite their attractive appearance.

UNI® Interlocking Concrete Pavers can be installed either manually or mechanically. In mechanized paver installation, specialized paver installation equipment speeds construction time by installing approximately one square yard (one square meter) of pavers at a time in rapid succession. For an Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Tech Spec on Mechanical Installation visit your local UNI® Manufacturer's web site or place a request through our Order Form. ICPI Tech Specs are also available on Edge Restraints, Construction, Structural Design and more.

It is recommended that installation be performed by experienced interlocking concrete paver contractors that preferably are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. Pavement design and installation varies with climate, available construction materials, design methods, soil conditions, and traffic loads. A qualified engineer, architect, and/or landscape architect should be consulted in concrete paver applications.

With permeable interlocking concrete pavements, you must not only design and construct for structural loads, but also for the hydraulic component of water entering into the pavement structure. This requires the services of a professional engineer or other design professional with experience in hydrology and hydraulics.

Links to general installation guidance are provided below. For guide specification information on interlocking concrete paver installations, click the Specifications link provided to the left or visit our PDF Downloads page for a comprehensive selection of files available for download.




Lockpave ProFor structural design of interlocking concrete block pavements, UNI-GROUP U.S.A. offers Lockpave® Pro software, featuring PC-SWMM™ PP software for hydraulic design of permeable interlocking concrete pavements. Visit our Software and Video page for more information.

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